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This is a multi-purpose Herbal Skin Care Cream. Also positive solution for many obstinate skin problems.

CalmCream™ was the 1st product of VedaCeuticals® technology immediately after its invention in 1998. After it was subjected to extensive user trials in USA, we decided to conduct scientific clinical trials also in India.

3-Government hospitals (LTM, Podar, JJ) in Mumbai-India conducted clinical trials on. CalmCream™ and found it to be truly a multi-purpose skin cream working for very different and broadly varied conditions –viz- Psoriasis, Eczema, Pruritus, Pressure Sores (Bed Sores), Diabetic Leg Ulcers etc.

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It is amazing to see how a Skin Cream made out of Ayurvedic herbs can work miracles – when it is processed according to VedaCeuticals®.

It works for all age groups and all genders with equal efficacy and without any variation. It works for infants & babies too - as much as adults and the old.

All users can be at peace as no side effects what so ever were observed on long usage during the clinical trials that ran almost for several years.

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Ulcers, Diabetic sores, Eczema, Skin Cracks, Allergic skin troubles..etc, Erythema, Irritation, Cracking & Scaling, Epidermal thickening, Exudation, Pigmentation etc.
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